Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Fall - Astoria 2, London (12 August 1998)

An incredible show from one of the darkest periods of the group's history. Just five gigs removed from the NYC meltdown, this is nothing short of a resurrection. Scrappy, shambolic and laced with pure adrenaline, this is The Fall at their most Velvets-like, brimming with 1979-era post-punk energy. One of only four shows in total played by this lineup. There are so many fantastic moments here, from Leatham's supple bass lines on "Calendar," and the rarely-played "Scareball," to a truly unbelievable take on "Plug Myself In." One of my favorite Fall shows to listen to, if only because it sounds so different from all the others. Brilliant.


Ol' Gang
Touch Sensitive (new song / prerelease)
Spencer Must Die
The Joke
Ten Houses of Eve
He Pep
F'oldin' Money (new song / prerelease)
Plug Myself In
This Perfect Day

lineup: MES / Julia Nagle / Karen Leatham / Tom Head

(photo by Gez Wood)