Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Fall-Fall In A Field (excerpts from two festival performances: Glasgow, Scotland 09/09/06 and Stradbally, Ireland 09/09/07).
To mark the end of my own summer holiday as well as the summer festival season, I thought I would post something a bit different (at least for me). Portions of two outdoor festival performances from the group, occurring exactly one year apart. The Presley lineup rocking hard in Glasgow, and the current lads in Ireland. Playing in a tent, I believe. The sound on these tracks is exceptional (much better than had you actually been there I'm afraid) as they are broadcast-sourced. The Glasgow tracks feature the added "bonus" of BBC commentary and a word or two from Smith himself.


01 Fall Sound
02 Theme From Sparta FC
03 My Door Is Never
04 chat / Theme from Sparta FC / Mr. Pharmacist
05 What About Us?
06 interview/ I Can Hear the Grass Grow

01-03 Electric Picnic, Stradbally, 09/09/07 (Smith/Poulou/Greenway/Spurr/Melling)
04-06 Indian Summer, Glasgow, 09/09/06 (Smith/Poulou/Presley/Barbato/McCord/Spurr)