Sunday, May 17, 2009

THE FALL- OPERATION DESTRUCT (cdr, unreleased, 2009, UK)

Having spent the bulk of 2008 in the post-LP doldrums, with a scattered series of somewhat airless, claustrophobic gigs, the new Fall material that emerged in the first half of ’09 was like a jolt to the nervous system. Boxed-in has always been a position of strength for Mark E. Smith, and the lineup of Greenway-Melling-Spurr (now two years on) finally began to explore virgin territory. Veering from the college rock/acid glaze of the last half-decade, they inched away from traditional song structure towards a more post-modern remit, utilizing Greenway’s effects-rich guitar (heard to superb effect here on the extended runout to “Latch Key Kid”) and pushing the avant electronics of Elena Poulou even further to the foreground. New songs are discovered within the riffs of the back catalogue, such as the stunning new version of “Strangetown” included here, that incorporates musical elements of “Wings.” Nothing exemplifies this fresh approach better than the lead track here, the cavalry-charge of “Cowboy George,” which tears up “Mountain Energie” and rearranges the pieces, turning a gentle tumble into an avalanche. Another gem is “Bury,” welding girl-pop stomp with one of Smith’s classic takes on British provincialism.
01 Cowboy George
02 Bury
03 Latch Key Kid
04 Strangetown
05 Funnel of Love
06 Carry Bag Man
07 Chino Splashback
08 Jack the Ripper
09 Hot Cake
Thanks to the Consortium for the always superb unofficial live recordings.
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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A much-delayed collection of recent live Fall music will be posted this weekend. Also, should anyone have any uncirculated or previously unpublished recordings, writing or other material that may be suitable for inclusion here, feel free to contact us via the comments facility (any such comments received will not be made public).